Ballia, May 8: Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA, Surendra Singh, who is known for creating controversies, has now recommended drinking gaumutra (cow urine) to stop the spread of coronavirus. On camera, Surendra Singh drank gaumutra and explained how exactly cow urine should be takes. The video of Singh drinking cow urine and recommending its use against coronavirus is now going viral on social media. 'Teach Good Values to Daughters', Says BJP MLA Surendra Singh While Suggesting How Hathras Like Incidents Can Stop (Watch Video).

In the video, Singh is seen telling people that the spread of coronavirus can be stopped by drinking gaumutra. Demonstrating how cow urine should be taken, the BJP legislator says it should be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning. He says people should mix two to three capfuls of cow urine in a glass of water and gulp it. "Don't consume anything for half an hour," he cautions. Narendra Modi is Lord Ram, Amit Shah is Lakshman & Yogi Adityanath is Hanuman, Says BJP MLA Surendra Singh: Check All Ramayana Characters From His List.

Singh then drinks cow urine. The BJP MLA also credited cow urine for his "good health" and said gaumutra has "superpower" to prevent not only COVID-19 but several diseases, especially heart-related ailments. He also recommended the consumption of roasted turmeric powder in order to maintain good health.

Surendra Singh Recommends Drinking Cow Urine To Beat Coronavirus:

Singh, who represents the Bairia Assembly constituency in Ballia district, is infamous for making controversial statements on various subjects. He had openly defended Dhirendra Pratap Singh who allegedly shot a 46-year-old man dead in an open meeting in the presence of officials after a dispute over allocation of two fair price shops in Ballia's Durjanpur village in October last year.

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