Mumbai, September 22: A bank error made a cab driver a 'crorepati', but only for 30 minutes. Rajkumar, a taxi driver in Chennai, was taken aback when he received a notification stating that a staggering Rs 9,000 crore had been credited to his bank account.

At first, he dismissed it as a possible prank or scam, not believing it could be real. However, his disbelief turned into astonishment when he realised this was no hoax; it was an actual mistake made by the bank. In a mere 30 minutes, Rajkumar hastily transferred Rs 21,000 to a friend before the bank promptly rectified the error and withdrew the erroneous sum from his account. Bank Error in Ireland: Technical Glitch Allows Customers With Very Low Balances in Their Account to Withdraw 1,000 Euros From ATMs (Watch Video).

Rajkumar, originally from Neikkarapatti village near Palani, had rented a room in Kodambakkam, where he shared accommodations with his fellow taxi driver friends. After a strenuous day of work on September 9th, he chose to indulge in a short afternoon nap. At approximately 3 p.m., Rajkumar received a message notification from his bank, Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (TMB) about the deposit in his account. The amount was so enormous that Rajkumar found it challenging to grasp, as the multitude of zeros made it difficult to calculate. Ahmedabad Man Becomes 'Crorepati' for Few Hours, Receives Over Rs 11,000 Crore in Demat Account by Mistake.

Up until that point, his account contained a meagre Rs 105. At first, Rajkumar thought the message might be spam or a prank. However, close inspection made it clear that it was actually a message from the bank. Rajkumar transferred Rs 21,000 to a friend swiftly, but within a matter of minutes, the bank debited the balance amount. The next morning, officials from the Thoothukudi bank contacted him, acknowledging the massive error and advising him against making any further withdrawals.

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