Coronavirus Outbreak: India Suspends Visa on Arrival Facility For Citizens of Japan And South Korea Amid COVID-19 Fears
Coronavirus outbreak (Photo Credits: PTI)

New Delhi, February 28: India has temporarily suspended the visa on arrival facility for Japanese and South Korean nationals in the wake of the coronavirus, officially named COVID-19, outbreak that has now gone beyond China. In a statement, the Bureau of Immigration, under India's Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), stated: "In view of the recent outbreak of CoronaVirus, Visa on Arrival facility has been temporarily suspended for nationals of Japan and South Korea." Coronavirus Outbreak: WHO Busts Several Myths on Deadly Virus, Lists Protective Measures; Check Answers of FAQs.

According to the Embassy of India in Seoul, existing e-visa and regular visas are valid provided the applicant has not visited China on or after January 15, 2020. India has already suspended the visa on arrival facility for citizens and foreign national coming from China where the coronavirus outbreak has claimed over 2500 lives. On Thursday, China's National Health Commission said that it received reports of 433 new confirmed cases. Coronavirus Turns People Into Zombies? Malaysia's Health Ministry Dispels 'Walking Dead' Rumour.

As coronavirus is spreading beyond China, India on Thursday cancelled all flight operations to and from Iran. Only Mahan Air and Iran Air were operating flight services between India and Iran. The outbreak of coronavirus in Iran has affected 245 people whereas the death toll so far is 26, Iran's Ministry of Health and Medical Education announced on Thursday. Tehran announced the first cases of viral infection in the central Qom city on February 18.

As of Thursday morning, the number of confirmed cases outside China were reported in South Korea (1,595), Japan (894, including 705 on Diamond Princess), Italy (447), Iram (139), Singapore (93), Hong Kong (91), the US (60), Thailand (40), Bahrain (33), Taiwan (31), Australia (23), Malaysia (22), Germany (24), France (18), Kuwait (18), Vietnam (16), the UK (13), the UAE (13), Canada (12), Spain (12), Macau (10), Iraq (five), Croatia (three), India (three), the Philippines (three), Oman (two), Finland (two), Russia (two), Pakistan (two), Afghanistan (one), Israel (two), Austria (two), Georgia (one), Algeria (one), Romania (one), Brazil (one), Switzerland (one), North Macedonia (one), Norway (one), Egypt (one), Lebanon (one), Cambodia (one), Nepal (one), Sri Lanka (one), Sweden (one) and Belgium (one).