Dengue Outbreak in Himachal Pradesh' Kangra District, Over 100 Cases Confirmed
Dengue | (Photo Credits: Skeeze/Pixabay)

Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh is witnessing a large scale dengue outbreak with over 100 cases of dengue being confirmed till Wednesday. The Health workers in the state are sensitising people about precautions to be taken against the disease. Mosquito fogging will be done throughout the district till November by the administration, said RS Rana, Chief Medical Officer of Kangra district. The health and family welfare department of Himachal Pradesh has already issued an advisory to all chief medical officers, and medical colleges in the state regarding the diseases.

Cases of dengue in North India have been reported and going up in the past few days. At least 650 people being diagnosed with the vector-borne disease this season in Delhi, according to a municipal report released on Monday. The report says nearly 170 of the cases came to light in the first week of October alone. Delhi: Dengue Cases Rise To 650, Doctors Advice Precautions.

Also, 347 cases of malaria and 89 of chikungunya have been reported this season till October 6, according to the report. Of the 650 dengue cases in 2018, 169 were reported in the first week of this month, 374 in September, 58 in August, 19 in July, eight in June, 10 in May, two in April, one in March, three in February and six cases in January. 88 Malaria, Nearly 50 Dengue Cases Reported in Delhi this Season.