Dr. Jay Feldman is an osteopathically trained doctor committed to creating educational content on podcasts and social media. His latest company is working with charities and donating thousands of masks while also making home fitness equipment during the coronavirus pandemic. He was recently listed among the top ten entrepreneurs to watch in 2020 on IBTimes.

Feldman started his entrepreneurial career while he was still attending medical school in New York City. While he was there, he founded his marketing agency, Instelite, which ended up garnering a large Instagram following. While kickstarting Instelite, Feldman attracted the attention of many well-known celebrities, including Amber Rose. Recently, he and his company partnered with Penta Prosthetics, a non-profit that is donating thousands of masks across the world since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. After Feldman completed medical school, he quickly started to rise through the ranks in the business community.

Feldman’s latest business is REX fitness. The company’s mission is to design a portable home gym that would be affordable and easily accessible for any person. Feldman feels that inequality in fitness is a huge problem when it comes to ensuring that the world stays healthy. Disadvantaged communities typically have less access to gyms and safe spaces from where to workout. Feldman is passionate about addressing this issue by getting his home gym into all homes. He also wants to offer free recorded training as well as live training sessions so that everybody has access to the resources they need to stay fit. Feldman hopes to release his portable home gym by the summer of 2020.

Feldman has also been trying to start a non-profit business that will fight against food inequality, Food Equality Corp. Feldman feels that food inequality is a fundamental root cause for the growing health inequality in the world. People from underprivileged communities are more likely to experience severe diseases early on due to limited access to healthy food and education. Feldman hopes that his new corporation will help change this problem across the country.

Feldman has built a wide following on social media, primarily through his podcast, which is called Mentors Collective. By using his channels, he has already attracted 150,000 fans across the globe. Feldman wants to continue to use his social media following to spread education about health and exercise. Feldman believes that entrepreneurs should focus on improving the world we live in through their businesses.