It may be hard to believe after all these months, but the shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other critical health care supplies for dealing with the pandemic in the United States still haven’t been solved. Instead, they continue, and with the recent spike of cases increasing around the country - some are getting worse. During these uncertain times, companies have a duty to utilize the resources they have to innovatively control this pandemic. And Millennium Hygienic Services is doing just that.

Millennium Hygienic Services, MHS, is a locally owned PPE and Medical equipment supplier founded in 2017 by two brothers in Raleigh, NC. MHS’s goal is to reduce the cost of health services while increasing the safety of patients, health personnel and the front line workers of the world. They offer the highest quality and broadest depth of medical products in the industry, and as a result have risen to #1 PPE & Medical supplies wholesale in the Carolinas. Millennium Hygienic cooperates with hospitals, clinics, state departments & nursing homes nationwide in order to supply them with the necessary materials required to maintain safety and health.

While Millennium Hygienic prides itself on being at the industry forefront of medical supplies and PPE, they take more honor in helping out the greater Carolina community especially in 2020. On top of the pandemic, 2020 posed even greater challenges with the election. The coronavirus pandemic severely disrupted voting in 2020, forcing state officials across the country to institute new procedures and policies meant to maintain turnout while keeping their voters safe. Though Congress allocated $400 million to provide states with grants, North Carolina officials had difficulty getting supplies and being able to afford them. MHS stepped in urgently to help their home state by providing gloves and masks to every polling station in the state of North Carolina, a contribution totaling over 13 million products and protecting millions of voters and front-line workers.

Much of Millennium Hygienics’s success derives from their two fundamental pillars: providing an affordable product and protecting the community. Millennium Hygienic Services deals directly with manufacturers worldwide; cutting out the complexity of global supply chains. This practice ensures that Millennium Hygienic receives the best possible prices, allowing them to transfer these savings to the individual customer and ultimately the greater community.

MHS’s team is full of people who are capable of understanding the current state of play in the supply chain, making decisions, getting rapid authorization, and taking immediate action. They are experts at adapting sourcing strategies to rapidly changing situations. MHS understands such developments as the dynamics of the Asian health-care market and the shifting nature of supply and demand across multiple categories (e.g., PPE, drugs, vaccines, ventilators, and testing kits). With this rare expertise, the company is uniquely fit to protect the community as safely and affordably as possible.

Now, Millennium Hygienics’s incredible efforts to serve the community have not gone unnoticed. In only three short years, they have developed an expansive clientele portfolio which generates the enterprise over seven figures in annual sales, an unprecedented level of success. Despite this success, Millennium Hygienic Services vows to remain oriented in providing for its community, an effort that is single-handedly revolutionizing the Medical Supplies industry.

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