Mumbai: Rakesh Panwar, a Local Cricketer From Bhandup, Stabbed to Death by 3 Assailants
Rakesh Panwar (Photo Credits: ANI)

Mumbai, June 7: A local cricketer in Mumbai was stabbed to death by unidentified men on Thursday. According to a tweet by ANI, the cricketer identified as Rakesh Panwar was hacked to death by three unknown assailants in Bhandup area. The horrific murder took place on Thursday night.

As soon as the tragic incident was reported, police in the area swung to action. According to reports, the police investigation into the matter is underway. The local cricketer is survived by his wife and two children. Mumbai Cricketer Vaibhav Kesarkar Suffers Cardiac Arrest on Field, Dies. 

According to reports, the victim, who was identified as Rakesh Panwar, used to train youngsters to make a living in Mumbai. A report by, the childhood friend of the victim, Govind revealed that Rakesh is in his mid-30’s of age and was accompanied by his girlfriend during the attack. He revealed that there are a few disputes between him and the Khan family, which is the only clue for Policemen so far.