Rajasthan Government Granted Indian Citizenship to 21 Pakistan Migrants
Pakistan Migrants. (Representational Image/ Photo Credits: PTI)

Jaipur, November 28: As many as 21 Pakistan migrants, including a minor, were given Indian citizenship by the Rajasthan government on Wednesday. Divisional Commissioner K.C. Verma and District Collector Jagroop Singh Yadav distributed certificates to the 21 migrants.

District collector Yadav said that these people had been living in India after being displaced from Pakistan. In the absence of Indian citizenship, they were finding it difficult to avail government jobs and benefits from various schemes.

In the last two months, a total of 35 Pak migrants were given Indian citizenship by the state government, he said. Indian Citizenship Granted to 21 Hindu Migrants From Pakistan in Rajasthan.

Government officials have confirmed that 28 applications related to citizenship are under process while 63 cases are being investigated. Efforts are being mad to ensure that these applicants get Indian citizenship at the earliest, sources said.

Jaipur tops in issuing Indian citizenship certificates to Pakistan migrants via online process, sources added.