Rewari Gang-Rape: AAP Haryana Chief Naveen Jaihind 'Offers' Rs 20 Lakh to BJP Leaders to Get Raped And Face Trauma
AAP Haryana chief Naveen Jaihind (Photo credit: ANI)

New Delhi, Sep 19: Aam Aadmi Party chief of Haryana Naveen Jaihind made a controversial remark while condemning the Rewari gang-rape incident. Jaihind offered Rs 20 lakh to leaders of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) if they agree to let themselves raped by ten people and undergo the same trauma. He was apparently making a point that Haryana government offers compensation but does not take necessary action to curb crimes against women.

"I offer to pay Rs 20 lakh to BJP politicians if they allow kukarm (rape) on themselves by ten people," Naveen Jaihind said. "Are they valuing someone's honour at Rs 2 lakh? Women aren't safe in Haryana," he added. The AAP Haryana chief said the state government was under Kauravas - the villains of the epic Mahabharata - and chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar was Dhritarashtra - the father of the KauravasRewari Gang Rape: Activists Slam AAP Haryana Chief over 'insensitive' Remarks.

Naveen Jaihind came under fire after making the controversial remark. AAP's Atishi said the leader raised an important point, admitting that it was put across in a wrong way. “What he highlighted is valid, but yes way he worded it is wrong,” Atishi, member of AAP's Political Affairs Committee, said. Rahul Gandhi Attacks Modi Government Over Rewari Rape Case, Says It Allows Rapist to Walk Free.

Watch: AAP Haryana Chief Naveen Jaihind Makes Insensitive Remark

The 19-year-old girl was allegedly abducted and gang-raped after being drugged on Wednesday in Haryana's Narnaul area. In the FIR registered at Kanina, police have identified three accused- Pankaj, Manish, and Nishu. Pankaj is defence personnel stationed in Rajasthan. While three accused including Nisu have been arrested, Pankaj and Manish are absconding.