Surat: Transgender Community Banned Entry in Market After a Man Was Beaten to Death by 'Kinnars'
Transgender Community banned in Surat market (Photo Credits: ANI)

Surat, September 27:Members of the transgender community have been banned by the traders, from a market in Surat allegedly after a man was beaten to death by transgenders in the city. L Sharma, President of Japan Market speaking to ANI said, "They harass people unless they're banned they won't learn that they shouldn't do such things"

Commenting on this, Payal Kaur, a member of the transgender community in Surat said, "We're distressed by this ban, the money that we get from these markets on special occasions is our sustenance. We're being punished for a crime that was committed by a single member of our community, it's unfair." Transgender Students in Tamil Nadu to Get First Hostel in Trichy.

Check ANI tweet:

A notice was also pasted in the market informing that the transgender community has been banned entry. The members of the transgender community, however, feel that they should not be punished because of the crime committed by a single person from the community.