Venomous 6-Foot-Long Cobra Caught in Tamil Nadu's Septic Tank, View Pics!
Cobra rescued from septic tank in Tamil Nadu. (Photo Credit: ANI)

Coimbatore, July 13: With diminishing flora and fauna in the ecosystem, wild animals and reptiles are coming out of the forest and are roaming in our neighbourhoods. In the latest, six-foot-long cobra rescued from an unused septic tank at Nanjundapuram Farm House in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu on Saturday. It was later released back to its natural habitat.

According to the reports, as news agency ANI quotes, the six-foot-long cobra was found in the septic tank and following this, a snake rescuer was called. He had to struggle for a longer duration in order to rescue the venomous snake from the tank, with the help of a stick. 14-Foot-Long King Cobra Caught in Assam's Jiajuri Tea Estate, View Pics!

Here's the Tweet:

Earlier too, a 14-feet-long King cobra was seen in the Jiajuri Tea Estate region of Assam and it was rescued by the snake rescuer. Images of the magnificent snake were shared on Twitter and they are going viral.