Jaipur, May 1: A legislator of the ruling Congress in Rajasthan has demanded Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to open up the liquor shops in the state. The outlets selling and serving alcohol were closed following the imposition of lockdown to contain coronavirus transmission. According to the Congress MLA, liquor shops must be exempted as drinking alcohol will kill the virus causing COVID-19.

The bizarre health ground behind re-opening of liquor shops was cited by Bharat Singh Kundanpur, who represents the Sangod constituency in the state assembly. He wrote a letter to Gehlot, a copy of which was accessed by media outlets, appealing him to allow the resumption of alcohol sale in Rajasthan. Alcohol Can Make People More Susceptible to Coronavirus, WHO Urges Governments to Strengthen Restriction on Liquor Sale Amid COVID-19 Pandemic.

"When coronavirus can be removed by washing hands with alcohol, then drinking alcohol will surely remove virus from the throat," Kundanpur said in his letter to the Chief Minister.

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has clarified that consumption of alcohol cannot cure coronavirus patients. On the contrary, liquor can weaken the immune system. The guidelines released by the global health body amidst the pandemic claimed that alcohol may end up temporarily managing anxiety but overconsumption will turn a person less immune to several diseases.

Kundanpur's suggestion also comes in the backdrop of United States President Donald Trump drawing flak for suggesting the injection of disinfectants to treat COVID-19. During his press briefing last week, Trump said it should be researched on how disinfectants which can kill the virus within minutes could be injected directly into the human body. His statements were followed by stern warnings from disinfectant manufacturers Lysol and Dettol against any form of injection or ingestion of liquid cleaners inside the body.

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