Lok Sabha Elections 2019: 'BJP Not to Win More Than 140-160 Seats, NDA 220-240', Predict Varanasi Astrologers
Lok Sabha Elections 2019. (Photo Credits: IANS)

Varanasi, May 22: The triumvirate of Jupiter, Rahu and Saturn may upset the exit-poll calculations and cause some trouble in the formation of the new government at the Centre.

According to astrologers in Varanasi, this planetary position could take the BJP to being the single largest party but might keep it away from getting a majority.

According to Pandit Rishi Dwiwedi, the planetary position spell instability for democracy and this will reflect in the election results. Lok Sabha Election Result 2019 Predictions by Satta Bazaar: Matka Players Reduce BJP's Number to 220, Congress Tottering at 100.

"Any government that is formed in this planetary situation will not complete its term. The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) could get 220 to 240 while BJP will have to remain content with 140 to 160. The UPA is likely to get 110-140," he said.

Dwiwedi added that the Samajwadi Party-Bahujan Samaj Party could play a key role in formation of the government which would enhance their own positions.

Another astrologer Pandit Deepak Malviya also said that there could be considerable trouble in government formation and Narendra Modi's personal astro-chart also indicates that he might have to make compromises in government formation.

"Parties from West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala will be crucial for government formation," Malviya said.

About the Congress, he said that the party will expand its footprints and vote share but will still be away from power.

Astrologer Ganesh Prasad Misra also agreed with the predictions of the other two astrologers but added that the planetary positions will make sure that several faces of the 16th Lok Sabha do not make it to the 17th Lok Sabha.