PM Narendra Modi Speaks on Rahul's Hug While Addressing Rally at Shahjahanpur's Roza, Says 'Gale Pad Gaye' Instead of Answering Questions on Why No- Confidence Motion
PM Modi at the Shahjahanpur Rally | (Photo Credits: ANI)

Shahjahanpur, July 21: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking at a rally in Roza, Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday, attacked the Congress over the No-Confidence motion and  replied on Rahul Gandhi hugging the Prime Minister after finishing his speech in the Lok Sabha on Friday. PM Modi, at the rally, also questioned the motive behind the opposition moving the No-Confidence Motion and targeted the SP, BSP and the Congress by saying that the country now understands that these parties only want to be in power, by hook or crook.

PM Modi said that, "We kept asking the opposition the reason for the No-Confidence Motion. They couldn't give a reason, therefore, they came for an embrace and a hug", said PM Modi on the Congress President Rahul Gandhi's gesture in the parliament. Here is the tweet by news agency ANI, where PM Modi spoke on the hug and the No- Confidence Motion:

UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who was present at the rally, said during his speech that, "We saw how PM answered their every question & dismissed their allegations. No-Confidence Motion was defeated with absolute majority, this was an indication of 2019. BJP, led by PM Modi, will form govt with absolute majority & establish India as a superpower before the world (sic)".

Speaking on the issues of the farmers, the Prime Minister said that the priority of central government and UP government is to ensure that the hard work of the farmers of this nation is respected. He also claimed that "several decisions have been taken to benefit sugarcane farmers."

The Prime Minister in his reply on the No- Confidence Motion introduced by the TDP, made a point by point rebuttal on the charges that were thrown on him and his government. The 93-minute-long speech by the Prime Minister, saw him recounting the measures and the initiatives introduced by the NDA government in the last four years. Here is the highlights of the speech by Prime Minister Narendra Modi given in the Lok Sabha on Friday.