Sonia Gandhi And Rahul Gandhi Flay Modi Government For Economic Crisis, Say BJP Indulging in Vendetta Politics And Pushing 'Foolish' Theories About Millennials
File image of Sonia Gandhi with son Rahul Gandhi | (Photo Credits: PTI)

New Delhi, September 12:  Looking at the current economic slowdown in the country, Interim Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi have attacked the Narendra Modi government. Speaking at a party meeting on Thursday, she said that the economic situation of the country looks very grim. According to an ANI tweet, Sonia Gandhi said, "Losses are mounting. All that the government is doing is indulging in unprecedented vendetta politics to divert attention from mounting losses."

She further said that democracy is at peril and mandate is being misused and abused in the most dangerous fashion. She added, "Appropriation of leaders like Gandhi, Patel, Ambedkar being done with the aim of misinterpreting their true messages to further their nefarious agenda." Manmohan Singh Blames 'Mismanagement' by Modi Government For Economic Slowdown, Urges Centre to Shun Vendetta Politics.

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Rahul Gandhi also criticised the BJP government for not being able to tackle the economic situation and highlighted that acknowledging the problem at hand was important. In a tweet, the Congress leader said, "What India needs isn’t propaganda, manipulated news cycles and foolish theories about millennials, but a concrete plan to #FixTheEconomy that we can all get behind. Acknowledging that we have a problem is a good place to start."

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Rahul Gandhi was referring to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman's comment where she blamed the mindset of the millennials who prefer to use Ola and Uber instead of buying their own vehicles as the reason for the slowdown in the auto sector.

Earlier this month, former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh blamed "mismanagement" by the Modi government for the economic slowdown. Expressing concern after India's GDP growth rate came down to 5 percent in the first quarter, Manmohan Singh said that the country was going through "a prolonged slowdown". "The state of the economy today is deeply worrying," said Singh, who is known as the architect of economic reforms.

The slowdown in the economy has been affecting the demands of the products, which has hampered the sales and is resulting in job losses across sectors.