The pandemic had a crushing blow to many small and medium-sized businesses around the country. Many businesses permanently closed while others stayed afloat with some help from PPP loans from the government.

With the government loans and stimulus starting to reach their conclusion, Cloudy Zebra Marketing, based in Albany, NY, is reaching out to help small businesses around the country to reinvigorate their marketing with a $200,000 stimulus fund.

Each qualified business would be given up to $2000 in a one-time financial aid to cover marketing services to help propel the acquisition of new leads and customers. The overall goal is to help businesses cover their payroll, invest in their business, and continue the marketing momentum to drive even more business into the future. 

Any small or medium for-profit or not-for-profit business with a verified Google My Business listing that lost revenue in the last 24 months qualifies to apply for the stimulus package. Applications take less than 3 minutes in the form at their website at

There is an important need to help support this country’s struggling small business economy.  The marketing stimulus package increases online visibility for each business which could help grow their revenue to turn around some of the losses dealt during the past two years. 

The key to this marketing package is the Google Maps business listing which is the most prominent result in Google searches besides advertisements. Consumers primarily look at the Map results when choosing local services, stores, and medical clinics. By ranking first, local businesses will significantly increase foot traffic, calls, directions and website visits. This in turn helps increase potential customers and revenue.

Steven Vasquez, partner at Cloudy Zebra, states “It has been an extremely difficult time for small businesses, and we feel compelled to help our fellow entrepreneurs gain a running start back to success.”

Cloudy Zebra has helped several dozen businesses including over 20 dermatology clinics get through the pandemic by more than doubling the amount of appointments, calls, and direction requests for each of its clients. While results are not guaranteed, most clients of Cloudy Zebra have seen 2-4x returns.

With the stimulus program, Cloudy Zebra is looking to propel applicant’s revenue enough to profit and if needed to continue to expand marketing potential with additional services as they scale up. 

Captain Matt Martoccio, partner at Cloudy Zebra, states “When people ask me what they need to get started I tell them a website, a Google My Business, and a budget. Now with this stimulus package they only need 2 of the 3! I wish this existed when I was first getting started.”