Nicole founded Brandifi with a broad and change-making vision. The name Brandifi is derived from the word 'Brand,' which has strong associations with employing creativity to attract customers. In starting her entrepreneurial journey, Nicole Martinez created a platform designed to fill any brand technical skills gap—for any small business to large companies. Their services include logo packaging, web designing, and personalized coaching as well. There's a personalized touch in work done at Brandifi.

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Nicole and her team at Brandifi believe in narrating the story and beliefs of a brand through their design. The idea is to design a story that speaks for the brand and acts as an all-time ambassador of its values.

Nicole explains that sometimes it's also a good idea to team up with marketing and look at its personas. A persona is a profile detailing the demographic, psychographic, wants, needs, and other details that fully describe one a vital member of the company's target audience. After you've figured out how the company acts and how they want to be portrayed to the personas, you can now do what you do best and design your heart out.

Nicole and her team at Brandifi are signing clients and taking them over the moon with their realistic, intimate, and unique designs. The latest on the card is- Adira's Way with Love. Brandifi designed a calm, composed packaging for the brand that truly reflects the effect it tends to have on its customers.

Alongside growing her brand, Nicole has also tightened her grip on helping fellow female entrepreneurs launch their business for the past few months. She has taken her coaching game up a notch by launching her podcast by the name:- SIS Start Your Business. On this podcast, Nicole gets personal and helps women shed their fear and go all in for their dream business, thus inspiring them, yet again!