Ace celebrity photographer Tanmay Mainkar is not only known for artistic capturing but also for sending across some takeaway message for the audience. His Calendar 2020 is yet again an artist piece with a hidden message. Featuring television's chocolate boy, Ssharad Malhotra in the month of July, he attempts to induce a ray of positive hope.

We all know the current Covid-19 lock down has taken a huge toll of everyone. And Ssharad's positive photo will inspire everyone to stay optimistic and hope for the good. The actor is seen sitting in a car with a smirking face.

Working with Ssharad, the popular photographer says, "It was pleasure shooting Ssharad. When we shot for the calendar no-one had an idea that we would stick in such a terrifying situation. Ssharad being a chocolate boy and optimistic by nature he suits the month of July really well. A month that is bringing a ray of hope for all."

Isn't it just an adorable click?