DeRace is the first NFT horse racing ecosystem that incorporates three of the most thriving entertainment industries: video gaming, horse racing, and predictions to create a cutting-edge NFT platform that offers players the ultimate gaming experience.

 On a fundamental level, DeRace allows players to earn DERC tokens by participating in horse races, breeding NFT horses with unique characteristics, and hosting races in their own NFT hippodrome for profit. Besides, DeRace also designated other ways in which gamers can earn real money.

Horse Breeding

 In DeRace, two NFT tokens create a third NFT token. The player selects two horses, one male and one female, to breed horse cubs.

 Features such as outlook, breed, and track performance make each NFT horse a unique creature. All physical characteristics are visible for users, while the more inherent features that determine a horse’s performance - speed and stamina - are hidden and need to be speculated. 3rd generation NFT horses and parent horses are then sent back to the owner’s wallet via smart contract.

 Bred NFT horses can be traded in the in-game marketplace or any other independent NFT marketplace. The owner has complete control of their NFT horses. Players may sell their horses (pre-purchased or bred) for a fixed price or via auction.

Horse Racing

 The second basic function of DeRace that enables players to make an income is to put their horses in races to compete for prizes.

 Each race consists of a certain number of horses, and horse owners can join in a race for a set amount of fee determined by the hippodrome owner. RNG technology is utilized for the organization of the races, therefore the probability of winning is absolutely random. Speed and stamina partly influence the winning chance, but do not guarantee it.

 At the end of each race, the winner is announced and the prize in DeRace coins are automatically allocated to the winner’s account.

Build a hippodrome

 Hippodromes are where horse races take place. Each hippodrome contains 10,000 NFT tokens, and the player can own a part of the whole hippodrome. If a player owns more than 5000 (more than 50%) tokens, he is granted the right to administrate hippodrome races.

 Administrators decide how and when to organize races in their hippodrome. The races can be public, where anyone can participate, or with certain requirements that participants have to meet. Administrators also determine the amount of entrance fee that participant horses have to pay in order to join the race.

Race hosts can also advertise their races on different platforms, including all in-game platforms and outside of the DeRace universe, such as on Telegram. The profit that they earn comes from collecting participation fees and other fees.

Besides all aforementioned conventional income sources, players can earn extra profits by:

l  Selling analysis and predictions

l  Referral programs

l  Reward programs

l  Bug reporting

l  Watching advertisements

In short, one of DeRace’s core user experience philosophies is to provide players diverse ways to conveniently earn DeRace Coins (DERC). Almost all activities on the platform can potentially yield financial profits. All incomes in the DeRace universe are paid out in the form of DERC (DeRace native token).