Agha Noor delsooz, recently gave an explanation about the type of attitude and writing in one of his gatherings, about which we will read more in the following.

Agha Noor said the pillars of messaging, content and format. The first pillar is related to "what to say" and the second pillar to "how to say". Writing is also a kind of message that in the content of the text, a new perspective or view should be presented, and in the format of the writing, a new writing should be written. Hence, the author is the one who conveys a new point of view or a new look to the reader with a new writing. Writing is also based on the following three pillars:

  • The art of feeling good (especially seeing and hearing well).
  • The art of thinking well.
  • The art of good writing. Thus, writing, the art of writing a new message with a new expression, and therefore, in writing, we are faced with three titles; 1. نوشتها. 2. Author. 3. Author.

Appreciate the collection of flowers, the magic chicken and that's it

Not every digger read a sheet, he knew the meanings

In each type of messaging, there are the following five pillars:

  • Messaging tools (media).
  • Messaging method.

First of all, writing is a kind of messaging whose message is its writer and messenger, its author and messenger, its reader and its tool is the pen, and with special methods of writing and written influence, in the end, in the form of books and articles. And it comes and goes like that.

Secondly, each message itself has two pillars, one related to "what to say" and the other to "how to say" and those two pillars are:

  1. A) Content.
  2. B) Template.

Therefore, it is not just the goodness and sweetness of the message that matters; It is also important to convey the message well. Thirdly, in any writing, we have to face two issues and observe them, and otherwise, it is appropriate - if we do not say it is necessary - not to touch the pen and not to put anything on paper and give the gift of such writing. Forgive to meet it. The first issue is related to the content of the article and the second issue is related to the format of the article, which are:

  • A new perspective or look.
  • New writing.

With these three points and a short introduction, it should be said: "The author is the one who conveys a new point of view or a new point of view to the reader with a new writing" and always remembers and uses this poem of Rumi:

Say something new to make two worlds new

Let go of the limit of the world, be limitless and immeasurable 2

Because of this, the more a writer conveys his message and writing to the audience with better expression, quality, scope, and quantity, the greater his writing ability. Needless to say, what seems important in writing is first the new writing and then the new perspective; Because the one who puts forward a new point of view, but writes it in a normal and superficial way, is not a writer and, ultimately, is a modern researcher. It also shows a fresh look; But again, he writes it in a repetitive and ordinary way, he is not a writer and he is a new landscape illustrator.