Sahed Ahmed, popularly known as Freelancer Sahed Afridi is a Bangladesh-based Entrepreneur and a Digital Marketing Specialist. Sahed was born on 04 March 1997 in Sylhet. Sahed is currently living in Sylhet and running his freelance business and DM training program, which he handles full time by his hard work, dedication, and positive energy. Sahed obtained his higher school certificate degree from Scholarshome and continued his study at Madan Mohan College, Sylhet.


Sahed Ahmed specializes in Digital Marketing, Web Design, and Graphics Design. He is in the Digital Marketing sector for the past five years and managing his clients from more than 50+ countries. At the beginning of his career, Sahed did many jobs, but Sahed was not passionate about his role. He was looking for more fascinating opportunities to build his dream business and work with his dream clients. Later on, Sahed joined a digital marketing training program and developed his Digital Marketing and Graphics Design skills. Sahed took many courses online to sharpen his industry knowledge and kept reading helpful blogs of renowned Marketing experts. Sahed is now chasing his dreams and focusing on keeping himself up-to-date in the Digital Marketing industry.

Career & Achievements:

Sahed has more than 500 satisfied clients from overseas, and he is working on multiple projects. His clients have recommended his work at different times to their co-workers and acquaintances, which enabled him to attract more clients. Sahed is also working with a USA-based marketing agency as an active team member and yielding his strategy to help other’s businesses. Besides his freelance service, Sahed Ahmed is playing his role as a Digital Marketing trainer. Sahed has gained more than 500 students enrolled in his Digital Marketing Course at such a young age.

Now his students are obtaining sales online through Digital marketing, which cheers him up and makes him more fearless about escalating the stairs of success. Sahed’s students love and admire him for his teaching method and excellent 1:1 tailored support for solving their problems during their project.

Sahed also has a Facebook community group named "Freelancer Sahed Afridi Group (Sylhet)" which has 13,000+ members consisting of newbie freelancers through which he answers other's marketing & freelancing-related problems for free. Sahed has a younger brother named Tareqe Ahmed, who is also an expert digital marketer. Both brothers are now working as a team, and Sahed is very satisfied knowing that he has more assistance running his business.

Sahed believes that independent learning can allow his students to achieve their full potential while helping them build a strong work ethic they can use for the remainder of their freelancing career. Sahed states, “A complete Digital Marketing training allows students to gain access to a professional with expertise in a particular sector in the Freelancing area, thus preventing them from falling through the gaps built by the flaws in the whole system.

My teaching method does not involve a temporary solution but the implementation of my proven and repeatable strategies to create a marketing campaign that works for a business. Over these years, I’ve worked with and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs literally in all kinds of businesses. I found out their problems, tracked their website and social media performance, audited their cost and profit, and created a digital marketing strategy for them. From scratch to the execution of the marketing campaign, everything I took care of was arduous yet so rewarding when I knew they attracted their targeted clients after I completed my tasks.”

Sahed has worked on Fiverr from the beginning of his career, and now he has fulfilled Fiverr requirements for the "Top Rated Seller'' Badge. Very soon, he will reach this milestone and receive the Top Rated Seller badge as well. Months of sleepless nights and dedication helped sahed to reach the position where he is today. Sahed’s parents, friends, and acquaintances are very gratified for his success at such a young age.

Sahed has received the Top Freelancer Award from Pxlhut Ltd. by Misbahur Rahman and in 2021 awarded as the Top Freelancer from Roki Tech by Roki Roy.

Hobbies and Further Plans:

Sahed loves to play soccer and poll in his free time. Moreover, he loves photography, biking, hiking, camping, outing with his friends, and traveling. Sahed shares his further plans to become one of the top DM specialists in the country, helping the country bring more foreign remittance, provide more value to his client's business and students, and build a thriving IT institute.