“My goal wasn’t to always wear brands, it was to become one.” With this motto in her life, fashion influencer Elvisa Dedic has garnered the attention of several loyal netizens. She is a fashion model, a Social media influencer, and also is an entrepreneur, she started her own makeup brand, along with being a brand ambassador to several other brands. 

She is an efficient influencer and uses her time quite productively. She runs an Instagram account under the username @elvisa. She currently has over 787k followers and posts quite frequently. She has 750 posts as of now and updates her stories regularly.

 Born in Bosnia, Herzegovina, Balkans, she is currently living in the USA but her nationality is Bosnian still. She was born in 1995 on October 16. As of now, she is 26 years old. To be able to achieve such massive success at such a young age is an incredibly admirable quality. She is dedicated, passionate, and extremely creative judging by the combines and creates her outfits. She absolutely avoids repeating outfits but makes sure that her outfits do not go to waste and remain eco-friendly. 

Recently, she started a line of fashion makeup. ElvisaCosmetics.com launched on July 16, 2021, it has been quite a success in such a short span of time. The makeup includes all kinds of necessities and luxuries designed in an attractive print. All kinds of luxury products such as bath bombs are available too. What one can also find is brushes of several kinds, in different shapes, colours and sizes to fit the buyers’ requirements.

Elvisa is not only a beautiful fashion influencer but also a highly educated degree holder. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Psychology from the University of Northern Florida. Right since she was young, she has been interested in fashion. Even though she got a degree in a prestigious subject, she has still actively pursued social media influencing and as a result, her account grew. With endorsements from several noteworthy brands like “FashionNova” and  Giti (a clothing brand) and many more. She is still an ambassador to her very first fashion brand- “PrettyLittleThings”. 

She is extremely kind and very interactive with her fans frequently. Her most recent updates have been about her makeup line launch, however, she always manages to talk about several other upcoming projects that she has participated in, making sure that her fans know what to look out for.