The period of board exams is a stressful time for not the child alone but also their parents. Children are only thinking about studies, while their parents have anxiety and are worried about their child’s performance. 10th and 14th board exams are thus a serious time in most families, but here are some tips for parents to deal with it all. As a parent, it is your primary role to not give your child any additional pressure about marks but instead help them manage this stress. Here are some tips for Parents To Help Children Beat Board Exam Stress.

Boost Their Confidence Levels:

It is very important to sit down with your child and give them a pep talk. Help them clear their doubts and give them some easy tactics to remember things. Take an active interest in what they are studying and make reassuring statements like, “You can do it,” “It is not too difficult,” “We are proud of you,” etc. It will help build their self-confidence.

Avoid Isolation:

While it is good to give your children the necessary space during study time but make sure you don’t completely isolate them. Don’t make your child sit too long in a closed room. Keep checking on their progress at regular intervals.

Create a Suitable Study Environment:

To motivate your child to study and concentrate better, create a suitable study environment at home. It is best to get an ergonomic study table where they can sit and practice writing exams. Get them all the necessary stationary items such as pencils, a pen with refills, rulers etc. These little additions can also fuel the feeling of studying with better concentration.

Ensure Regular Sleep Routine:

It is best if your child follows a schedule for their studies. There is no need to stay up late or get up very early to study some more. Ensure they get a good 8-9 hours of sleep every night. A night of good sleep can work wonders in keeping the brain active. Avoid TV and mobile phones before sleeping. Excessive Stress During Exam? Your Junk Food Consumption Could Be the Reason.

Don’t Create Unnecessary Expectations:

As a parent, you must be aware of your child’s interest in academics and their performance all these years. Don’t set too high expectations from them, and don’t let them see your anxiety. Stay calm around them, so don’t create the pressure of scoring only good marks.

These are some of the necessary things to keep in mind and follow during the approaching board exams. Don’t let your stress reflect on your child; instead, keep a positive environment and encourage them. Wishing you all Best of Luck!

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