Naomi Campbell Adores Gigi and Bella Hadid! British Supermodel Makes Interesting Revelation in Grazia Magazine
Naomi Campbell | Gigi and Bella Hadid (Photo Credits: Instagram)

London, May 5: Naomi Campbell never cared about "fame" or "celebrity" at the height of her supermodel success. Campbell told Britain's Grazia magazine: "I adore Gigi and Bella, I embrace them, they are hard-working girls. So I can only speak for my generation of women, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Stephanie Seymour, Tatjana Patitz, Kate Moss. Gigi & Bella Hadid Pay Tribute to Micky Mouse on His 90th Birthday in a Stylish Photo Shoot for Chaos Magazine (See Pics).

She added: "We never cared about fame, we never thought about the word 'celebrity'. We just kept on working and it was for the creativity and the prestige. It was a smaller knit industry." Campbell said that she and her peers were often baffled by the interest in their lives - and she was stunned to realise even what she had for breakfast was headline news, reports

She added: "We were equally as surprised at the curiosity in our lives. I remember waking up in Milan and being shocked to see a report about what I'd eaten for breakfast the day before on the front page of a newspaper."