Every year Anosmia Awareness Day is celebrated around the world on February 27. Anosmia is the loss of the ability to detect smell and affects thousands of people across the world. Every year, February 27 is commemorated as Anosmia Awareness Day to increase awareness about this illness and how it impacts people. In the United States alone at least 3% people above 40 years of age suffer from Anosmia. Since the effects of olfactory disorders like Anosmia have relatively fewer visible and practical difficulties, as compared to visual or auditory impairments, it is often sidelined. However, Anosmia Awareness Day 2021 celebrations aim to counter just that. From spreading more awareness about this issue to highlighting how we can help those who are suffering from this illness, Anosmia Awareness Day commemorations help do it all. Anosmia Awareness Day 2020: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment of Condition That Causes Complete Loss of Smell.

When is Anosmia Awareness Day 2021?

As mentioned before, Anosmia Awareness Day is celebrated on February 27 every year. The celebration was first started by Daniel Schein, an American man with olfactory dysfunction, on February 27, 2012. What started as a Facebook Event, has grown in the past few years into an international movement.

Significance of Anosmia Awareness Day celebrations

Anosmia can be a temporary or permanent disability and its effects are far reaching for many. This commemoration and the awareness of this health issues is especially relevant in the current times, as Anosmia has been considered as a marker of Covid-19 in the UK, as established by Claire Hopkins, the president of the British Rhinological Society. Some doctors have claimed that the prevalence of Anosmia in Indian patients is also visible, as many have lowered or complete loss of sensation of smell and taste. While Anosmia in association with COVID-19 is mostly temporary, it lasts for 4-6 weeks and is extremely challenging. One of the biggest challenges for those living with Anosmia is to accept and process the diagnosis, which alters various daily wonders of life like smelling their favourite perfume. Loss Of Smell (Anosmia) And Taste (Ageusia) Added to List of COVID-19 Symptoms by Health Ministry.

The celebration of Anosmia Awareness Day is key in bringing these untold battles to the forefront and validating the struggles of those who have lived through or are living with this condition. As we celebrate Anosmia Awareness Day 2021, we hope that we are closer to helping all those who are living with this condition in any way we can. Happy Anosmia Awareness Day 2021.

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