Easy Mehndi Designs and Patterns for Raksha Bandhan 2019 Festival: Simple Mehandi Ideas and Latest Henna Designs for This Rakhi (View Images and Videos)
Beautiful mehndi designs for Raksha Bandhan (Photo Credits: YouTube and Instagram)

Easy Mehndi Designs and Latest Mehandi Patterns for Raksha Bandhan 2019 Festival: We are all set to celebrate Raksha Bandhan 2019 on August 15. While most of us are done with the preparations, from buying rakhi for your brother to new clothes to sweets. But there is something that can add more charm in this festive season - Mehndi! Girls and women of all ages love to apply mehndi on their hands and feet. This ancient art form first introduced to the country by the Mughals has become an inseparable part of Indian festivals and important ceremonies. Women love applying mehndi as it considered to be shubh (lucky and auspicious) and very, very beautiful. This is why we bring you simple yet chic Mehandi patterns and henna designs for Raksha Bandhan. These simple mehndi designs are also for kids who cannot wait forever for it to dry. The Hindu festival celebrated to honour the sibling bond between brothers and sisters will fall on August 15, 2019. Raksha Bandhan New & Easy Mehndi Designs: Simple Mehandi Patterns for Sisters to Apply on Hands to Celebrate Rakhi Festival (Watch Video Tutorials).

As mentioned above, women do not need a reason or occasion to apply mehndi. And when you have all the reasons in the world, they ensure to make most of it. However, for festivals, especially Raksha Bandhan, it is seen women like to keep it very stylish. Instead of adorning hands and legs fully, they opt for minimalistic designs. These modern mehndi designs are easy to apply and make an impression. They are perfect for those girls who are not a huge fan of this decorative art form but have to because everyone in the household is applying. Raksha Bandhan 2019 Date and Auspicious Time: Shubh Muhurat to Apply Tilak and Tie Rakhi on Brother's Wrist On Full Moon Day of Hindu Shravan Month.

And there is a significant demand for modern, simple and stylish mehndi designs among ladies. Search engine platforms such as Google or video streaming sites such as YouTube are flooded with searches around it. Some of the most searched keywords are - mehndi designs for Rakhi festival, beautiful mehndi designs for Raksha Bandhan, simple mehndi designs for kids, simple mehndi designs backhand, simple mehndi designs for hands step by step, easy mehndi designs for Raksha Bandhan, latest mehndi designs for Raksha Bandhan, mehndi design for Raksha Bandhan Arabic, Mehandi designs for Rrakshabandhan, and more. Let’s look at a few design images and videos.

Cute Mehndi Design For Back Hand


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Another Chic Mehandi Pattern For Back Hand


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Brother-Sister Mehndi Design For Raksha Bandhan

Happy Raksha Bandhan (Photo Credits: YouTube)

You Can Try This Mehndi Design For Raksha Bandhan


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Minimalist Mehndi Design Goals


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Arabic Mehndi Designs For Front Hand

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More Mehandi Patterns For Front Hand

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Easy Mehndi Designs For Raksha Bandhan (Watch Video)

More Options For Gorgeous Front Hand Mehndi Designs

Easy Mehndi Designs for Raksha Bandhan (Photo Credits: Instagram)

These are some of the most beautiful mehndi designs that one can apply on Raksha Bandhan. You can either take these designs to a mehndi artist or also try to apply by yourself. They are beautiful, simple yet very stylish. We wish everyone celebrating Rakhi festival, a very Happy Raksha Bandhan 2019.