Ganeshotsav Recipe of Day 9: How to Make Katachi Aamti For Ganpati Festival (Watch Video)
Katachi Aamti recipe (Photo credits: Facebook/Sadashiv Shirke)

The festival of Ganeshotsav 2018 is seeing as the festive fervour as people go visit their favourite Lord Ganesha. There are Ganpati pandals organising the festival on a public platform. As people bid their heartfelt goodbyes to their Ganesha idols, they make their presence at these organisations. Many people throughout the time of the 10-day festival ensure they make something special in their meals. The Lord Ganesha idol may have left their abode but they still want to maintain the vibe of his presence. And any festive celebrations seem incomplete without good food. Katachi Aamti is a spicy dal preparation made in Maharashtra. How to Make Ladoos For Prasad During Ganpati Festival (Watch Videos).

As much as sweet dishes are made commonly like modak and ladoo are prepared, savoury and spicy meals items are also made. Katachi Aamti is a typically Maharashtrian dal made on festive occasion. Learn How to Make Thalipeeth For Festive Breakfast. 

Katachi Aamti Recipe:

The recipe is made using chana dal. It is a mix of savoury and spicy flavour. Depending on your flavour preference you can opt for a garam masala or a sweet mix. Among the Maharashtrian community, it is combined with Puran Poli, a sweet dish made with chana dal mixture with jaggery. These special food items make any festival distinct and much more enjoyable. All the Ganpati idols will be immersed on Anant Chaturdashi, September 23. Big and small pandals alike take out an immersion procession.