We've all lived through the days when back aches refuse to abate. The lower back is a matter of consternation for many people. Back pain can affect any number of people irrespective of their age. It doesn't matter if you're a spring chicken or old as methuselah this can cause you significant pain at any time. However, lower back pain does increase when you get older. There are many contributing factors to backaches. From stress, tension, to injury, these symptoms can lead to back pain and discomfort. It's imperative that you figure out what's contributing to your pain and address the issue with a help of a professional. However, backaches are also caused because of bad posture, weak core and sitting in a place for too long. Given that it's covid's world and we're all just living in it, Nowadays most of the hours in our hours is comprised of sitting on a couch for long spells of time just trying to get through the day. There is an easy fix for these backaches. Some yoga poses can help you relieve the stress and tightness on your lower back and offer you some relief.

Yoga not only relieves the stress caused by back pain but also strengthens your core and body. You don't have to be an avid yoga enthusiast to practice these poses. From downward dog to cat-cow pose, these easy asanas will help you alleviate your back pain in no time. Here are five poses for back pain.

  •  Downward-Facing Dog

This pose doesn't just help with the backaches but also helps to deal with sciatica. Holding this pose for one to three minutes can be quite beneficial for your lower back. It's a great workout for your hamstrings, triceps and quadriceps.

  • Child's Pose

As the name suggests, this pose is quite simple but extremely beneficial for the lower back. Practising this pose for 2-3 minutes can take the pressure off your lower back and align the spine.

  • Sphinx Pose

This backend pose that involves lying on your stomach and then gently lifting the upper torso and head, helps strengthen the spine by stretching out the chest, shoulders and abdomen to relieve stress.

  • Cat-Cow Pose

This backend stretch involves getting on all fours, then inhaling while you look up and let your stomach drop down toward the mat and then Exhaling while you tuck your chin into your chest, arches your spine and stretches out your torso. Practising this for a minute will help relieve the stress from your spine.

  • Extended Triangle Pose

This standing pose not only helps alleviate back pain but also helps deal with sciatica, and neck pain. standing with your legs 4 feet apart and then lifting your arms parallel to the floor with your palms facing down, stretches your spine, hips,  and strengthens shoulders, chest, and legs. It also helps with anxiety.

Practice these yoga poses to strengthen your back and relieve stress and anxiety on this International Yoga Day.

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