We all love our cocktails, however, Pina Colada occupies a special place in all our boozy history. No tropical vacation is complete without imbibing copious amounts of this rum fuelled beverage and karaok-ing to "If You Like Pina Colada," and regretting it in the harsh light of day.  So it was only natural a day was designated in celebration of this beloved cocktail. The National Pina Colada Day is observed on July 10 every year in the United States, to celebrate the special blend of coconut cream, pineapple and rum that lead to the creation of this fine concoction. Considering the universal reverence for this cocktail, we're sure some of you might have wondered about its invention during a time or two. However, the genesis of the cocktail is not quite clear. While the first reference of this drink can be traced back to 1922, most believe that this cocktail was first stirred up in 1952 come from San Juan. Whatever the origin story, we certainly are ever-so-grateful for its existence. So in celebration of this day, here are seven fun facts that might just amaze a pina-colada enthusiast.

Seven Fun Facts About Pina Colada

  • We are all aware that pineapple is an essential ingredient served up in a mocktail or cocktail version of this drink. But did you know the cocktail translates to strained pineapple in Spanish? Pina means pineapple and colada means strained in Spanish.
  • The world's largest Piña Colada was created by a cement mixer in 2010. He made an estimated 310 litres of this drink.
  • The Piña Colada Song by Rupert Holmes’  put this drink on the map and the rest is a boozy history.
  • Since 1978, Piña Colada was declared the national drink of Puerto Rico, in the United States.
  • While easy on the taste buds, these delicious cocktails are not so easy or forgiving on the waistline. Pina Colada with rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice can have as close to 650 calories.
  • While there are many variants and spins on this drink, adding blue curacao to this traditional cocktail appears to be the most famous version of the drink.
  •  Pina colada is one of the top 40 cocktails around the world.

So raise a toast to National Pina Colada Day with a delicious glass teeming with this concoction and have a great time with family and friends.

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