National Trick or Treat Day Is Now Official to the Halloween Calendar! Here’s What You Should Know About America’s New Holiday
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You will not have to wait till October 31 for trick or treating. Why? Because, now the tradition has been dedicated to yet another day. Thanks to an online petition on that National Trick or Treat Day is now official to the Halloween calendar. The Halloween & Costume Association’s petition originally intended to move Halloween to the last weekend of October but instead added a day of celebration after it faced opposition. With more than 150,000 signatures, the United States got its new festival day. Those who have not heard about it yet, well brace yourselves and know everything about America’s New Holiday. Spooky Halloween Facts About This Observance That Will Creep You Out. 

What is National Trick or Treat Day?

National Trick or Treat Day (NTTD) is an occasion for families and friends to gather, arranging block parties, community events, costume contests, parades, walks, runs, trunk-or-treating and daytime trick or treat as well, as explained by the USA today. It is an additional holiday to celebrate Halloween, ahead of the main festivities.

How Did National Trick or Treat Day Become Official?

The Halloween & Costume petition aimed to move Halloween to the last weekend of October instead of 31st. According to reports, the petition gained traction on the internet since earlier this summer. With more than 150,000 signatures, there is now an additional day to the festivities. National Trick or Treat Day now officially made a place to the National Day Calendar in the USA. October 26, 2019, is the first time to observe this new day. Halloween 2019 Costume Ideas for Pets: Spooky Yet Cute Dog Outfits That Every Pup Parent Should Have. 

National Trick or Treat Day: What You Should Know

The celebrations are up to the neighbourhoods, cities and communities. You can keep trick-or-treating hours for Halloween night or celebrate it today, or both the days. Just neighbours should be prepared, as kids could show up at any time of the hour. “Get the whole family dressed up and go trick or treating! Organize a trunk or treat activity with your office, church, or volunteer group. Host costume party,” the National Calendar which is responsible for the day states.

Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays in America. However, there is often a trouble for the festivity to fall on any weekday as it is not a holiday. This is why some of them has been complaining, urging the government to dedicate a weekend for Halloween. We do not know if National Trick or Treat Day would be the first step to alter the schedule to make Halloween a weekend holiday officially. All we know is the celebration is now going to be double. Trick or Treat!