The Colombo Grand Mosque has issued an announcement, confirming that the Ramadan crescent has not been sighted in the nation. Fasts will begin from May 7.

The Hilal Committee is expected to announce a decision on Ramadan moon sighting in Sri Lanka shortly. Stay tuned.

No claim has emerged so far on the sighting of crescent moon in Sri Lanka. Sources have claimed that the island nation will observe fasts from Tuesday, May 7. Stay tuned for the official confirmation.

No claims of crescent sighting has been reported yet in Sri Lanka. The Hilal committee in Colombo is expected to make an announcement shortly.

Colombo, May 5: The Hilal Committee in Sri Lanka has been convened to look for the Ramadan ul Kareem crescent this evening. If the moon gets sighted, the Ramzan 2019 fasts will begin from tomorrow in the island nation. If the crescent remains unseen, then fasts will begin from Tuesday, May 7. Stay tuned here for the live news and updates on Ramadan crescent sighting in Sri Lanka. Catch Live News Updates on Ramzan Moon Sighting in India Here.

In Sri Lanka, where nearly 6 percent of the population is Muslim, Ramzan is a significant festival. The believers are duty bound to abstain from food and water throughout the holy month, between dawn to dusk.

Apart from Sri Lanka, the neighbouring nations of Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Myanmar, Indonesia and Malaysia, among others will also attempt to sight the crescent moon.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is considered to be the epicentre of Islam, the Hilal moon was not sighted on Saturday, authorities have confirmed. A statement issued by the KSA said fasts would be observed from May 6.

As per precedent, the moon is sighted in Indian subcontinent only a day after it has been spotted in the western hemisphere. Going by this probability, the chances of moon sighting in Sri Lanka, along with other parts of Asia, is bleak today.