The Ramadan crescent has not been sighted in any part of the world. Authorities have confirmed that the fasts will begin in western hemisphere of the world from May 6, whereas, the dates in Asia region will be confirmed tomorrow -- based on the sighting of the Hilal moon.

Mosques in the United States to issue an update shortly after the Hilal Sighting Mission, spread across the four regions of the States, will issue an announcement shortly.

No claims have emerged from New Zealand and Australia so far on the sighting of Hilal crescent, which will mark the beginning of Ramadan Kareem.

The month of Ramadan, when Muslims are obligated to abstain from food and water between dawn to dusk, will commence if the moon is sighted today. If the crescent gets spotted, the first roza or fast would be observed tomorrow. In case the moon remains invisible, the Ramadan 2019 fasts would begin from Monday, May 4. Stay tuned above for the live news and updates on moon sighting from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Chechnya. Watch Live Streaming on KSA Crescent Sighting Here Via Makkah TV Online.

In the US, volunteer hilal sighting committees, formed by devout Muslims living in the States, will be on the lookout for the moon on both sides of the American coast, along with the northern and southern part of the nation. Reports, however, have expressed apprehension over moon being sighted today.

In neighbouring Canada, where large number of Muslims are based in Ottawa region, an announcement on moon sighting is expected later in the day.

In Australia, the Imam Council is likely to issue a statement on moon sighting, whereas, the mosques in Christchurch and Auckland will confirm the crescent sighting in New Zealand.

The month of Ramadan will be succeeded with the festival of Eid al Fitr, which is the biggest event for believing Muslims.