If you woke up today with a "Happy 420" message on your phone or many such messages even on social media platform such as Twitter & Facebook we'll tell you what the code word means.  Yes, 420 i.e. 4th April is celebrated as 'World Weed Day',  4/20 celebrations aka 4:20 or 420, the Marijuana Holiday.  In many states of America and some countries of the world, 'Weed' or 'Marijuana' i.e. Ganja(in Hindi) is not considered illegal. Apart from this, it also enjoys the status of medicine in many places where they are legal and used for treatment. But for reals, how the name of this day was 420 came up? Here's everything you want to know. Weed Appreciation Day 2021 Date, History and Significance: Know All About the Day Dedicated to Honour the Usefulness of Weeds in Medicine.

History of Weed Day and 420 Significance

In the year 1971, a group of five friends from San Francisco used to meet after school. They would meet at 4:20 and smoke by a wall near their school. They were nicknamed "Waldos." The group had a plan to search for abandoned cannabis crop based on a map made by the grower. 4:20 eventually became their code word for the meeting. Now it is used to mean consumption of weed.

The story is that some friends found a map that contained information about a secret Marijuana base. These friends decided to leave to find this place at 4:20 pm on 20 April. The place was not found, but this story became famous. 420 became a codeword for Marijuana. There is another story - it is said that US police use the 420 code for the crime of using Marijuana. Well, whatever the story, this bizarre tradition has already started. Now April 20 is an important day for those who campaign to legalize Marijuana.

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