World Day of Social Justice 2020: Powerful Quotes to Share on The Day That Highlights Importance of Human Rights
Quotes on World Day of Social Justice 2020 (Photo Credits: File Photo)

World Day of Social Justice is an international day observed on February 20 to promote social justice and tackle issues like poverty, gender equality, unemployment, human rights, social protection and exclusion. Various events and programs are organised to promote peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations. World Day of Social Justice 2020 theme is 'closing the inequalities gap to achieve social justice'. And as we observe World Day of Social Justice 2020, we have compiled a list of quotes on social justice which you can share with your near and dear ones. These social justice quotes talk about how important is the fight for social justice. Memorable Sayings on Solidarity That Is Much Needed in Present Times.

Conservations about global citizenship, human rights, sustainable development, childhood poverty should be included in the school curriculum. Activities and talks relating to these topics should be encouraged in school which will bring forth a generation which is aware of the situations around them. Elaborating this year's theme, the United Nations says, "We uphold the principles of social justice when we promote gender equality, or the rights of indigenous peoples and migrants. We advance social justice when we remove barriers that people face because of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or disability." World Day of Social Justice 2020: Theme and Significance of the Day That Promotes Global Peace and Development

Social Justice Quotes (Photo Credits: File Photo)

"When You’re Fighting for Social Justice, One of My Biggest Pet Peeves Is Speaking Out of Ignorance." - Eva Longoria

Quotes on Social Justice (Photo Credits: File Photo)

"I’m a Social Justice Supporter, but There Is No Social Justice on a Dead Planet." - Douglas Tompkins

World Day of Social Justice 2020 Quotes (Photo Credits: File Photo)

"There Can Be No Peace Without Justice and Respect for Human Rights." - Irene Khan

World Day of Social Justice Quotes (Photo Credits: File Photo)

"Social Justice Cannot Be Attained by Violence. Violence Kills What It Intends to Create." - Pope John Paul II

Quotes on World Day of Social Justice 2020 (Photo Credits: File Photo)

"Life's Most Persistent And Urgent Question Is, 'What Are You Doing for Others?'" - Martin Luther King, Jr.

On World Day of Social Justice, various organisations including the UN and the International Labour Office pledge to highlight the importance of social justice. Different trade unions and campaign groups are invited to mark the day. Schools, colleges and universities prepare special activities for the day or plane events around the theme and educate people about it.