World Day of Social Justice 2020: Theme and Significance of the Day That Promotes Global Peace and Development
World Day of Social Justice 2020 (Photo Credits: File Photo)

World Day of Social Justice 2020 or Social Justice Equality Day will be celebrated on February 20 across the globe to inform people how social justice can help in promoting gender equality, poverty eradication and unemployment. On this day, many organisations, including the United Nations, the International Labour Organization and American Library Association (ALA), make a statement on the need for social justice for people.

As the UN believes- "Social justice is an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations," the plan to coexist peacefully by curbing social injustice at all level.

World Day of Social Justice 2020 Theme:

The theme for World Day of Social Justice 2020 is "Closing the Inequalities Gap to Achieve Social Justice”. Last year the theme was 'If you want Peace and Development, Work for Social Justice'. World Day of Social Justice 2020: Powerful Quotes to Share on The Day That Highlights Importance of Human Rights

World Day of Social Justice 2020 Significance:

The idea of celebrating this day is to emphasise the idea of working towards improved society by promoting social justice. "Job creation, better quality jobs, and better access to jobs for the bottom 40 per cent have the potential to increase incomes and contribute to more cohesive and equitable societies and thus are important to prevent violent conflicts and to address post-conflict challenges," US saying while explaining the significance of this day.

One can celebrate World Day of Social Justice 2020 by raising voice against social injustice in the society. Various communities can also come together to eliminate poverty, illiteracy, physical discrimination, religious discrimination, etc to make a socially integrated society.