Lorna Florence is a Fitness Model, a Personal Trainer, an Instagram Influencer and a full-time Traveller on a mission to inspire the masses through her vibrant Instagram posts from all over the world. The message she wants to convey is to show self-love and take on physical fitness - turning it into a lifestyle. She believes that a healthy mind and body can easily cultivate a growth mindset in life!

Her Instagram can also qualify as a portfolio for Lorna, considering the fashion shots, highlights of her working out, as well as having a blast while trotting the globe. Lorna admits that she hopes to inspire others to live their best lives, move past any limiting beliefs, and create a ripple of positivity amongst her followers. She acknowledges that societal pressures and generalized standards of beauty are a constant struggle to deal with - which is why a positive outlook is necessary to be able to follow one’s dreams and make the most out of them.

Lorna’s presence on Instagram is refreshing and entertaining. Her witty captions make her relatable to her giant audience of eleven thousand. Clad head to toe in athleisure - Lorna often posts series from the gym - dishing out on some major hacks and ways to make use of whatever little resources that people may have available.

One thing that stands out most in Lorna’s Instagram is the everchanging background and setting - that is because she has successfully built up her personal training clientele to a level that allows her to travel to many countries for the purpose of training. These include Dubai, Ibiza, Greece, and the South of France, etc. In the future, Lorna aims to build upon this by creating a retreat service within her company and create wellness-focused holidays for her clients in different destinations globally.