Food Festival in Mumbai 2018: Enjoy Authentic Marathi Dishes on Platter at Mejwani Maharashtri chi in Goregoan
Mejwani Mahrashtra chi food festival (Photo credits: File Image)

Radisson hotel in Goregaon is hosting a food festival serving authentic Maharashtrian food. And among these recipes, the speciality is the lost recipes which are not very commonly made today will be served. These recipes are curated and denote the food practices of people from the coastal regions along with those on ghats. Some of the food items are from parts of Vidarbha. From region to region, the food festival called as Mejwani Maharashtra chi is being held at the hotel. The festival has started from November 16, 2018 and will go till December 9, 2018 on each of the weekends.

Some of the authentic dishes on the menu are Savji Mutton, Patodya, Vangyach Bharit, Varan Batti, Rodga, Nagpuri Vada Bhat, Puranache Mande etc. The first two weekends served specialities from the Western Ghats and Coastal food. The oncoming weekend will be dishes from Vidharbha along with the best of all regions. Check some more details about the some of the dishes that will be served here.

Varan Batti: The dish may remind you of Rajasthani delicacy Daal Baati but it is similar yet different preparation done in Maharashtra. Made with yellow lentils it is usually accompanied by brinjal vegetable and Batti refers to a preparation of dough roasted in ghee. 

Rodga: Rodga are wheat flour buns made in Vidarbha. It is a traditional recipe which is very rarely found in other parts of the state. The dish takes some more time for preparation and is thus not commonly made. So this festival is a good time you can taste it if you haven't before. 

Nagpuri Vada Bhat: As the name suggests, the recipe comes from Nagpur. It is a very special recipe made during celebratory occasions. Vada are dumplings made from lentils. It is very much like a Medu wada and served along with flavoured Tadka.

Santra Barfee: From the land of oranges, Nagpur, the santra barfee is a much loved sweet among the people. It is in fact, a signature dish from Nagpur and people get in huge amounts as it is not easily available anywhere else.

These are just some of the items that will available during the weekend. So if you have been craving to taste some of the traditional and very authentic dishes from Maharashtra, you know where you should be heading.