While Summer is bidding adieu in certain parts of the world, this fair-whether friend is just knocking on some countries doors. Barbeques in the yard and sweet Iced teas are the memories most ubiquitous among children of summer. While consuming copious amounts of tea and keeping yourself hydrated is a need of this hot weather, it should be noted that while Iced teas are healthier than most carbonated drinks, it is stirred with lots of sugar that are quite unhealthy when consumed in large amounts. However, there are plenty of natural ways to sweeten Iced tea. Scouring the Internet will yield plenty of recipes that will not prove detrimental to your health. In this article, we'll provide four such recipes that will enable you to sweeten your Iced tea with natural sweeteners  rather than refined sugar

  •  Ginger lemon iced tea

Ginger is an excellent herb that boosts circulation in the body. It reduces inflammation and elevates your body's immunity prowess. In this recipe, all you need is a bit of mint, lemon, ginger and a touch of honey to get this Iced Tea ready.

  • Rosemary orange iced tea

Rosemary improves not only improves brain health but also prevents diabetes, and protects the liver. it also enhances the flavour of iced tea. Get bottled sugar-free iced tea available in the most grocery store and combine it with oranges, lemon and rosemary.

  • chamomile basil iced tea

While teas have comparatively less caffeine compared to coffee, they still hold enough of it to keep you awake at nights. Enter Chamomile which is not only claiming on the nerves but the added basil has anti-inflammatory attributes that reduce stress. All you need is, water infused in chamomile tea bags, Ice cubes, basil and a dash of honey.

  •  Toasted sesame iced tea

Not many will think to club these two strange tea fellows together. However, more on the savoury side, the sesame seeds add a nutty flavour that is quite unexpected and delicious to taste. It will help to lower inflammation and improve your cardiovascular health. Toast sesame seeds until golden brown and then grind them in a coffee grinder. Then promptly pour hot water into the mixture. Add a dash of honey and a few ice cubes and your drink will be summer-ready.

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