Health Benefits of Lassi: Author of 'Lassis of India' Says Drink Lassi for Good Health
Drink Lassi for good health. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Love to drink lassi? A new book on varieties of lassi offers recipes for a healthy living. Lassi is a staple drink that accompanies culturally diversified Indian cuisine and is full of therapeutic properties. The book 'Lassis of India - Smoothies with a Twist' by Radha Bhatia, attempts to span five generations of stories, wisdom and recipes. Cheese And Butter For Weight Loss? 6 Healthy Fats That You Should Include In Your Diet.

"The idea of writing a book on lassi's occurred to me when I realised that in today's fast paced and hectic life, a healthy lifestyle and eating habits was a universal concern. Almost everything available for ready consumption today is processed, full of artificial flavours, colours and preservatives," Bhatia said in a statement.

"And our age-old elixirs like lassi have been almost relegated into obscurity. These tasty and healthy beverages, consumed over centuries in many different avatars across various parts of the country, are natural and full of ingredients with tremendous health benefits," she added.

Lassi's of India is a compilation of 74 traditional recipes from various states blending with the local food and climate. The rest are lassi's with a twist - prepared with herbs, fruits and nuts which would attract the younger generation. Churned out of yogurt or dahi, lassi is very beneficial for the digestive system. It is light on the stomach and contains healthy bacteria that aid in smooth digestion.