Thanksgiving 2019: Why is Turkey a Specific Delicacy For This Feast Dinner?
Turkey for Thanksgiving (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The festive season is upon us and are you excited? It will be time for Thanksgiving within a week and have your preparations begun? Thanksgiving 2019 will be celebrated on November 28 this year. Thanksgiving day is a national holiday which essentially began as a day of giving thanks and sacrifice for the blessing of the harvest of the preceding year. It reflects the positive things in life and also spends time with family. A traditional feast is held every year and it includes a great spread of Turkey, bread stuffing, potatoes and a pie. But have you wondered why specifically Turkey for Thanksgiving? Among all the festive dishes that are prepared, why is Turkey made during this occasion? Ahead of the festival, we take you a little back in the history of the festive celebration and go to the roots of this traditional recipe. What Are Health Benefits of Eating Turkey?

Why Turkey For Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving dinner (Photo Credits: Pexels)

Turkey has been the star of the Thanksgiving dinner from the 19th century. But the first Thanksgiving took place in the year 1621, where Pilgrims at Plymouth colony and local Wampanoag Indians shared the meal. Although here there wasn't turkey on the plate but wildfowl. These "fowls" may or may not be turkeys as historians record them as geese or ducks. From All American To Tandoori, Delicious Roast Turkey Recipes For A Scrumptious Feast.

But by the end of 19th century, it was Turkey as a festive dinner dish. It is said that these birds were in plenty amount and thus easily available. Also, many people bred turkeys on their farms which made for easy availability. Some people raised turkeys for their eggs and meat only. And a big turkey was enough to fill the stomach of the entire family.

One of the legends also dates back to Queen Elizabeth. When the Queen got the news of the sinking of a Spanish fleet on its way to attack England, she called for a goose for dinner. The early settlers were then inspired by the Queen and carried on with the tradition but used a roasted turkey instead.