5 Variations of the Plank to Help You Achieve Your #FitnessGoals!
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When it comes to developing core strength, no other exercise can beat the plank. And you are missing out, if you have not included it in your daily fitness regime yet. Performing a plank has many benefits. For instance, it reduces belly fat, increases flexibility, helps reduce body pain, and improves overall body posture and balance. There are many ways to do the plank, and each has its own benefits. But just be careful while performing them. Here are five variations of the plank that a beginner can try.

If you are planning to include plank in your fitness routine, start out with these five simple variations before you move on the more complex ones.

1. Standard Plank

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The standard plank is also known as the push up position. To do the standard plank take the push up position and keep your forearms planted on the ground. Try to hold the position for at least a minute.

2. Elbow Plank

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In a variation of the standard plank, you rest on your elbows and not the forearms. They are harder on the abs than the push up plank but easier to maintain in comparison.

3. One-Arm Plank

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Take the standard plank position and then put one of your arms behind your back. Since this will take your body off balance, it will make you work harder to stay in position and also improve your body balance. After holding the position for a while, change the arm.

4. One-Leg Plank

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Maintaining the elbow plank position, lift one of your legs. It is beneficial for overall body strength as well as improving body balance. After holding the position for a while, change the leg.

5. Side Plank

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The side plank itself has many variations. But to begin with, you can try the most basic one. You have to lay in the elbow plank position then go sidewards lifting your body off the ground so that one arm rests in your elbows and the other you can keep on your waist. You can change sides after a while. Generally one side of your body is stronger and this position is helpful in evening it out.

Try these basic plank positions to begin with. Add it to your fitness regime and you are sure to benefit from them in more than one ways.