Angry People, You May Not Be As Intelligent As You Think You Are! Study Links Bad Temper To Narcissism
Angry ones may be dumber than they think they are. (Photo Credits: Max Pixel)

Do you have a bad temper? Here’s something that will make you angrier. A study says that you may not be as smart as you think you are. Scientists have a good reason to believe that people who are easily angered are more likely to overestimate their intelligence as compared to those who are calmer. The study also says that a bad temper could also be associated with narcissism, which could explain why they think they are smarter than what they are. The research paper titled: Why do angry people overestimate their intelligence? Neuroticism as a suppressor of the association between Trait-Anger and subjectively assessed intelligence has been conducted by scientists from the University of Warsaw and the University of Western Australia.

According to the study published in the journal Intelligence, trait-anger and neuroticism are closely related. But the researchers state established facts that the two are influenced by several processes differentially. Anger, they say, is influenced by optimistic bias, increased sense of control, approach motivation and high narcissism. A total of 528 participants were studied for the research who stated that they had a quick temper.

Based on the findings, the researchers tested the subjects’ propensity for bad temper and were later asked to rate their intelligence on a scale of 25. The subjects were then given an intelligence test. The researchers were able to conclude that the angry ones had a tendency to think they are smarter than what they really are. But researchers also stressed on the fact that anger had nothing to do with their actual level of intelligence.

How To Overcome Anger

If your bad temper has been throwing a spanner in your work and straining your relationship with others, it’s high time you bid goodbye to it. Temper issues can take a toll on not just your professional and personal life, but also on your health. Here’s how you can control your anger:

Deep Breathing

Take a few deep breaths to stop yourself from having a knee-jerk reaction to an infuriating situation. Deep breathing gives you time to think before you make any untoward statement.

Think Before You Talk

Before you release a volley of expletives on the opposite person, take a moment and think about the damage your words can do. Collect your thoughts before you say anything.

Walk Away

Sometimes, not reacting is the best solution. Walk away from the situation if you think that the fight may get ugly.

Seek Help

Is your anger a constant problem? If you can’t fix it on your own, seek professional help. There is nothing wrong with it.

Even the most composed among us may get angry from time to time. But the difference lies in the way we react to it. While it’s important to walk away from a stressful situation, it is not advisable to bury your anger. Talk it out when you feel a little lighter instead of letting it simmer in your mind.