When we talk about breast cancer, we do not picturise a man. We believe that breast cancer is exclusively a woman's disease, but that is far from the truth. Men also have breast tissues, although fewer as compared to women, that puts them at risk of breast cancer. In fact, men make for less than one percent of breast cancer cases. Although extremely rare, men should also occasionally check for lumps and pain in breasts. Here are the most common breast cancer symptoms that men should watch out for.

1. Lumps

You might ignore the lump thinking that you have bumped yourself somewhere while doing some strenuous exercise but a lump in the breast is one of the most significant signs of breast cancer. While the lumps are typically painless, they can be accompanied by tenderness in the area. If cancer has spread, you can also notice some swelling in the armpit, lymph nodes and collar bones.

2. Nipple Discharge

Do not ignore if you notice some strains on your shirt. It is nipple discharge if you see stains on the same side of the chest. The fluid from the tumour builds up and leaks out from the nipple duct, leading to the discharge. Do Parabens Cause Breast Cancer? Here’s the TRUTH!

3. Inverted Nipple

The breast cancer tumour begins to pull on the ligaments inside the breast as it grows. This can cause the nipple to invert or become dented. Dry and scaly skin can also sometimes accompany the inverted nipple. From Early Signs to Types, All FAQs About Breast Cancer Answered!

4. Open Sores

If the tumour is growing through the skin, you may also notice an open sore on the nipple. With very little breast tissue, the tumour can quickly push through the skin. The sore may appear like a picked pimple. Breast Cancer Symptoms: Strange Signs of the Disease That Aren't Lumps

You may also notice redness and pitting of the breast skin and changes in breast colour. If you doubt that you have any one of these symptoms, rush to your doctor immediately to rule out any possible threats.

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