Dry And Chapped Lips? 4 Surprising Ways You Are Damaging Your Pout

How much time do you spend giving TLC to your lips? We are not talking about the lip colours and balms lying in your handbag for multiple uses in a day. Your lips need much more than just looking kissable. They lack oil glands, are thin-skinned and exposed to chemicals. As a result, they are easily chapped. And with age, your lips lose colour and become drier. So if lip care is not a part of your beauty routine already, here’s how you are damaging your pout.

1. You Overdo On the Stick

Do you obsessively apply that waxy balm or gloss? While you may think they are great for adding some moisture to your lips, they can lead to moisture-loss. Ingredients like menthol in your lip balm can irritate and dry out your lips even further. Instead, moisturise your lips with a topical ointment or cream which contains humectants and hydrating oils like jojoba and avocado. Apply them in the day and night and anytime they feel dry. How to plump your lips: 5 simple beauty hacks to make your lips look fuller and sexier.

2. You Do Not Hydrate

Dry lips are one of the first signs that you are not drinking enough water. They can make you look stressed and tired. However, hydrating does not just mean gulping down eight glasses of water in a day. Eating fruits and veggies with high water intake and drinking herbal teas, can contribute to your overall fluid intake in a day.

3. You Miss Exfoliation

Instead of leaving those dead cells on your lips, exfoliating them once a week can work like a charm. Lips are often wearing various lip shades, and so, they need to be scrubbed in a gentle, natural, effective way. You can simply apply a moisturising oil and rub away any scaly patches with a light-toothed bristle. Alternatively, if you are a fan of natural remedies you can also mix some brown sugar and coconut oil and rub it on your lips with your fingertips for a few seconds. Do not do this anymore than once a week as they can turn your lips raw. Makeup artist turns lips into canvas, creating marvellous artwork on them.

4. You Skip the SPF

Does your lip cream or lipstick contain a broad spectrum SPF? Because lips are always exposed to the outside elements, they need protection from UV rays and pollution. During the daylight, you must use a lip colour or balm with at least SPF 15. Wear a 30 SPF formula if you are hitting the beach.

Healthy lips look smoother and hold colour and shine longer, and they are really easy to maintain. So go ahead and give your lips some love.