How To Plump Your Lips: 5 Simple Beauty Hacks to Make Your Lips Look Fuller and Sexier
Bigger lips (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A lot of women like to have fuller, thicker and bigger lips. But not all of us are blessed with luscious chops à la Angelila Jolie or Kylie Jenner. But thank god for makeup! With the right colour and the right technique, we can modify our lips in wonderful ways. Well, it isn't that difficult after all. And you don't need injections or surgery like the celebrities. Instead, just use the right kind of makeup and tada! you get fuller lips instantly. How? Here's some help for you.

Follow these simple makeup tricks and you can have your lips look enhanced instantly. For these, you don't need anything more but your regular, everyday makeup essentials.

1. First things first, make sure before you apply any makeup, your lips are dry and free of any dead skin. Moisturise your lips with a piece of cotton and dab a lip balm as the first step.

2. Exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush by rubbing it gently with a toothbrush in concentric circles. Brushing encourages blood flow to the lips, making them appear slightly fuller.

3. Add a little drama by outlining your lips with a shade slightly darker than your natural lip colour. This naturally gives a boost to the shape of your lips.

4. To give a boost to your lip volume you may also use a gloss with lip-plumping ingredients. Though it stays for up to only a few hours.

5. If you are not a fan of lip liner, you can instead apply lipstick by drawing an X in the center of your top lip.

6. After outlining, fill your lips with the same liner. Using a darker lining gives a more natural and smooth finished look.

7. To finish it up use a concealer to correct the contour. It helps you create a subtle shadow to your lips, giving it a fuller dimension. But make sure you blend correctly.

You can also keep in mind a set of other tips to get even better results -

  • Use a black liner on the edges of your lips to increase volume.
  • Use products with pumping ingredients such as shea and cinnamon oil.
  • Highlighting the cupid's bow will make your lips look larger.
  • Use a white lip pencil to highlight your lips and then blend them with the main lip colour.
  • Use a combination of lipstick, lip gloss and concealer to create a thick and smooth layer.
  • Experiment with nudes. Using nude shade lip gloss and colours is one easy option to get fuller lips.

With these tips in your kitty, nothing will stop you from getting those luscious, plump kissers. Now that you know these secrets, try them out and feel more confident, sexier and spirited as you get those glossy, big lips like a diva.