Your so-called healthy foods are the junk food in disguise. Cut them from your diet, and your waistline will thank you. You know you must avoid the chips and the cheesecake to cut down on the calories, but what's tricky is that some of the foods that you tout healthy, may not be great to keep your weight in check. Are you confused? We fill you up with foods that are stopping you from hitting that golden number on your scale. You can thank us later.

1. Sushi Rolls

The veggie rolls are low in calories, but a lot of popular rolls are loaded with cream and mayo. A standard roll can fill you up with 500 to 600 calories. Also, soy contains a lot of sodium, and while it will not make you gain weight, it will cause you to retain water.

2. Dried Fruit

Dried fruits contain five to eight times more calories than fresh fruits. A cup of grapes fill will you up with 60 calories when compared to a cup of raisins that will add 460 calories. Surprised? How to Use Water Chestnuts (Singhara) to Lose Weight This Winter

3. Orange Juice

Gulping down those packaged juices instead of eating fresh fruits might be the reason you do not fit in your old jeans. A 450ml of orange juice will provide you with 55g of carbohydrates which is equivalent to 5 slices of bread, and most of that carb is sugar.

4. Salad

There is nothing better for your waistline than a salad but the candied nuts, and shredded cheese and globs of dressing can make your salad as calorie-dense as an oversized dish of pasta. How to Use Saffron, Kesar or Zafran to Lose Weight

5. Tofu

Order any tofu dish at a restaurant, and you will likely get a plateful of calories, sodium, sugar and saturated fat. While tofu itself is bland, it is doused in sauces and often deep-fried which adds all the calories to the dish.

6. Vegetable burger

Sure skipping meat can save you a lot of calories, but you can down as much as 1,000 calories even with that vegetable burger. The mayonnaise that binds the veggies together is anything but diet-friendly. Plus, the ketchup only adds on to the calories. Eating Out On a Weight Loss Diet: Healthiest Foods to Order At a Thai Restaurant

7. Oil-Free Wraps

No matter how one prepares the wrap and what goes into it, a wrap is a major offender. It contains a lot of carbs and packs up to 300 calories which is way higher than two slices of bread.

One more item that you must avoid is, the half and half. The half and half which might seem harmless can pack around 200 calories in just a few spoonful. So it does not make a difference even if you put minuscule amounts in the coffee.

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