Thai cuisine has so many amazing dishes to offer, and each is full of flavour in its own unique way. The tradition of Thai food packs a ton of flavour, but if you are not careful, it can pack on the calories too.  Thai fried chicken is extremely delightful but if that's your go-to order every time you eat Thai food, it's time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new that is rich in nutrients and low in calories as well. The next time you are wondering what 'healthy' Thai foods to eat, opt for one of the following classics.

Green Papaya Salad

The number one rule for eating at a Thai restaurant is to start the meal with a fresh salad. The fried meat and saucy noodles can be too heavy on calories, so it can help to fill up with some fresh veggies first. The papaya salad prepared with shredded green papaya, string beans, and tomato can be a great option. Adding some grilled fish or meat to your order can transform it into a light meal.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai may not come with a lot of veggies but is an extremely good option when it comes to entrees. So when you order it, you can also call for a side of steamed veggies and mix everything together. The veggies will not only add a lot of fibre to your meal but will also prevent you from reaching for a dessert or another appetiser. Pee-Flavoured Ramen Anyone? Thai Restaurateur Accused of Urinating in Customer’s Food Claims It’s ‘Urine Therapy’

Tom Yum Soup

The classic Thai soup is prepared with shrimp, a lot of vegetables and a spicy broth. You can choose a soup with or without coconut milk. If you are looking to restrict your calories, opt for coconut milk-free version which is low in saturated fat and adds more of that sour flavour to your soup.

Basil Tofu

For a burst of flavour and veggies, go for the basil tofu. The fried tofu taste extremely delicious, but if you are watching the calories you can request for a non-fried version. For a wholesome meal, ask for a few extra veggies and stick to brown rice. Ill Effects of Eating Out: Fast Food Contains Harmful Chemicals

Chicken Larb

If you are a fan of salad, there is one more Thai salad, filled with aromatic herbs that can satiate your taste buds like no other. Larb is made by stir-frying ground or chopped meat with flavourful vegetables, spices, and herbs. The dish is typically finished off with a dash of lime juice and fish sauce and served with cabbage and lettuce wraps, making it rich in both protein and veggies.

Green Curry with Extra Veggies and Lean Protein

Who does not like the taste of Thai curry? Prepared with coconut milk, herbs, spices, and a salty soy or fish sauce, it tastes nothing less than heavenly. But let us not forget that the sauce makes it relatively dense in fat and calories, so just a small serving can go a long way. To balance out your meal, order the curry with extra vegetables and lean protein. What’s The Difference Between Noodles and Chow Mein?

Whole Steamed Fish

If you like to stick to the healthy side of the menu, steamed fish can be an excellent choice. Steamed with aromatics like ginger and lemongrass and served in a sweet-salty-spicy sauce, they are devoid of oil and are generally low in calories. A great way to cut back further on calories is to order sauce on the side so you can only use as much as you need.

So the next time you stop by your favourite Thai spot or find yourself perusing the menu on online food deliveries, take this list into account.

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