Halloween Horror! 5-Year-Old Tested Positive For Meth After He Goes Trick-or-Treating
Halloween (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

A five-year-old from Ohio tested positive for meth after returning from trick-or-treating for Halloween. Braylen Carwell began had a seizure and began shaking after he returned home collecting candies. His father rushed him to the hospital as he could not move his arms. The doctors conducted tests and tested him positive for methamphetamine. Braylan said that he did not put anything in his mouth other than a pair of novelty teeth as fangs.

While earlier it was believed that one of the candies would be responsible for it, it seems that the sweet was not the cause. The incident has kickstarted discussions on contents of trick or treats bags are lab tested or not. However, his parents Julia Pence and Cambray Carwell who are recovering drug addicts said that the sweets he collected during trick or treat are to blame. Halloween 2018 Feast Recipes: Blood and Guts Soup and Edible Intestines! Terrifying Treats for a Spook-Tacular Celebration.

Pence told CNN, "He was disoriented, he didn't know who was who and where he was at. They told me that my son had methamphetamine in his urine. You could tell at the hospital that he was real high from whatever he ingested. He was really wired and kind of aggressive, had different mood swings. When we came home he was really tired, he was coming down from it."

Following the incident, The Galion Police Department in a statement on Facebook narrated the incident and urged parents to check their children's candies received during trick or treating. They said, "Also, please check any non-candy items such as rings, bracelets, necklaces or fake teeth." The police are now investigating the incident and have sent the fake teeth to a lab for analysis.

Galion Police Chief Brian Saterfield said that they hadn't received any other reports involving children. He said, "This is an oddity. This is not something that happens all the time. This does not happen often. I think parents should always be concerned, looking at the candy. Look for anything that looks out of place, if the candy bag is open or ripped, throw it away."