Home Remedy of the Week: Increase Your Sperm Count With Bananas (Infertility Home Remedy)
Banana (Photo Credit: Pexels)

Men who are healthy and fertile produce a high number of sperm cells, which increases their chances of impregnating a woman. Unfortunately, many factors such as genetic makeup, DNA damage, aggressive immune system, obesity, drugs, alcohol, tobacco smoking and infections have been causing an infertility epidemic. If you are trying to become a father, you should make some lifestyle changes. One good place to begin is diet. There are many fertility-boosting foods that can help you increase your sperm count. One of them is banana. If you want to find out how this home remedy for infertility can help you improve your chances of becoming a dad, scroll down. How to Increase Sperm Count with Diet: 10 Best Foods to Improve Men's Fertility and Sex Drive.

Banana -- A Nutritious Food

Banana is a ubiquitous fruit found in most parts of the world. Available throughout the year, bananas are cheap, nutritious and delicious.  It can solve most health problems, from constipation to weight gain. And what's more? It requires no cutting or cleaning. It can be peeled and eaten at will. Chock full of potassium, bananas are also replete in dietary fibers and vitamins.

Bananas For Infertility and Sperm Count

Bananas are teeming with vitamin A, B1 and C, all of which help in improving male fertility. These nutrients help in increasing sperm production and overall  health of the sperm cells. They also give the body the necessary stamina to improve sexual performance in men. To add to this, bananas also contain an enzyme called bromelain. It's an anti-inflammatory substance, which also regulates sex hormones. How To Improve Fertility: Sperm Health Can Be Boosted By Eating More Nuts.

Bananas contain a lot of potassium, which is a crucial micronutrient to improve heart health. Eating bananas, as a result, will not only improve heart health but boost circulation. Since poor blood flow to the genitals is a cause of erectile dysfunction, bananas are a good home remedy for impotence.

Having a banana daily or every other day can help men to a great extent. You can either eat it whole or mix it into smoothies. Eating banana with another bromelain-rich fruit like pineapple will enhance your sperm count even further.