How To Use A Female Condom: Step by Step Video To Wear The Women's Contraceptive
How To Use A Female Condom: Step by Step Video To Wear The Women's Contraceptive (Photo Credit: Screen grab Instagram/ 50shadesbox)

Female Condoms somehow are way less popular than the male condoms. Many women don't even know that something called a female condom exists and the rest of the population claims the female condom to be 'unsafe', 'impractical' or simply 'too time-consuming.' However, not many realise that it is one of the safest methods of contraception and way better than the oral contraceptive pills that you pop -in the next day. You might want to know about the Birth Control Pills for Men. 3 Things You Should Know About Male Contraceptive Pills or DMAU

What is a female condom?

Similar to the male condom, a female condom is a contraceptive method that the women can use during sexual intercourse to reduce the risk or unwanted pregnancies and STIs. A female condom is larger in size than the male one and is extremely comfortable to wear. If you are in a habit of using a tampon or a menstrual cup you will find this way easier. The female condom is used in exactly the opposite way than that of the male condom, more like in a concave fashion. They are also called internal condoms. Here's how it looks.

How to wear a female condom?

1. Open the packet carefully after checking the expiry date.

2. Stand with one foot on the chair or in a way that is comfortable for you to spread, you can even squat or lie down and spread your legs. If you wear a tampon get into the position of wearing a tampon.

3. Relax and now slowly while squeezing the inner ring of the

4. Pinch the sides of the inner ring at the closed end of the condom and try to insert it in your vagina like a tampon.

5. Use your fingers to push the inner ring into your vagina. Insert it as far as it can go till it reaches your cervix.

6. Make sure it is not crumbled or twisted.

7. Pull your finger out.

8. Even if the outer ring hangs outside the vagina, it is absolutely fine.

You're ready.

This tutorial video will help you use a female condom better.

Make sure you talk to your partner beforehand and guide him to insert inside the opening ring of the condom so that he doesn't slip in the side of the condom. For removal, you can simply pinch the part that is hanging out and gently pull it out. Be a little careful if it contains semen in it. The female condom may move around but you are good to go as long as the penis is completely surrounded by the condom. The best part is that you can wear the condom way before the act and there is no pause after the foreplay to wear the condom.